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Artículo Indian drought is so bad that a cobra drinks water from a bottle News


Indian drought is so bad that a cobra drinks water from a bottle



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31 Marzo 2017 16:20

Desperate thirst forced the cobra to enter the village in search of a drink.

The king cobra is the world's largest venomous snake. It can reach up to five and half metres in length, and its venom is potent enough to kill you in less than half an hour. Bearing all that in mind, what would you do if you found one of these deadly creatures in urgent need of help? Would you risk your life to save it? 

This was the situation that the inhabitants of Kaiga, in southern India, found themselves. A king cobra measuring over three and a half metres wandered into their village, dehydrated and searching for water. Many of India's southern regions have been hit by a severe drought. Wildlife specialists in the area say that animals are being seriously affected by the situation. Only severe desperation could have driven this cobra to enter the village in the middle of the day. 

Most of us would have run as quickly as possible in the opposite direction as soon as we clapped eyes on the thing, but the members of this brave rescue team risked their lives to give the serpent a drink from a plastic bottle.