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Artículo Indignation after a man is dragged off an overbooked United flight News


Indignation after a man is dragged off an overbooked United flight



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13 Abril 2017 11:32

The company had sold too many tickets, so it decided to choose four passengers at random and eject them from the plane

Footage of the man being dragged off an overbooked plane has caused uproar on social media. Videos posted on Twitter and Facebook by other passengers show how three security officers pull the man out of his seat – apparently knocking him out in the process – and down the aisle of the plane, while horrified passengers looked on.

The company responsible is United Airlines. The shameful incident has prompted massive outrage and a federal investigation. 

The incident occurred on Flight 3411. Audra Bridges, who was on the plane and posted a video to Facebook, told Courier-Journal that the flight had been overbooked by four people. Passengers were allowed to board the flight but were later told four people would need to give up their seats to United employees who were needed in Louisville on Monday.

Since nobody volunteered, a manager came aboard and announced that they would randomly select four passengers and ask them to leave.

When asked to leave, the man in the video became 'very upset' and said he was a doctor who had patients to see the next day, Bridges said. The manager then told him that security would be called if he refused to disembark. Three Aviation Officers then came, forcibly removed him from his seat and dragged him off the plane. 

Another passenger, Jayse D. Anspach, posted about the incident on Twitter.

One video shows the man standing shocked and bloodied, repeating 'they kill me' over and over.

Meanwhile, United Airlines appear to believe that the only thing they need to say sorry for is overbooking the plane. This was the 'apology' issued by the company's CEO. 

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