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Artículo Jennifer Lawrence is 'not going to apologise' for a video of her pole dancing News


Jennifer Lawrence is 'not going to apologise' for a video of her pole dancing



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22 Mayo 2017 11:15

We're all Jennifer Lawrence.

On Thursday, posted a bizarre video of Jennifer Lawrence dancing visibly drunk at a party in Vienna.

Lawrence then took to Facebook to explain that she had been celebrating a friend's birthday at a club with a stripper pole and had decided to do a little dirty dancing for fun. In the video, Lawrence can be seen stumbling, tottering and hugging her friend. The actress is obviously drunk and not making an effort to dance well – but who cares about dancing well when drunk? The point is to have a good time.

All this would have stayed between Lawrence and her pals if some paparazzi wannabe hadn't decided to film it. The quality of the video is pretty terrible and we only know it's Jennifer Lawrence because we've been told it is. It could just as easily be you at last year's Christmas party, or your sister's hen night. Maybe you don't even remember doing it.

'Look,' wrote the Oscar-winning actress on Facebook. 'Nobody wants to be reminded that they tried to dance on a stripper pole by the internet. It was one of my best friend's birthdays and I dropped my paranoia guard for one second to have fun. I'm not going to apologize, I had a BLAST that night.'

The same website shared details of the night from a witness who was also in the Beverly Hills Club in Vienna. It sounds like their 'insider' wasn't having a particularly great time as he spent the whole night watching Lawrence and her friends, recording every detail. Apparently the actress drank Beluga vodka and also lost her blouse at some point. 

The witness, who was perhaps feeling envious at not having been invited to the party, said 'It was surreal! There was one moment when Jennifer picked up some money that was on the stage, and spanked herself with it! She was wild!'

Lawrence finished her post by saying: 'Ps that's not a bra it's an Alexander Wang top and I'm not gonna lie, I think my dancings pretty good. Even with no core strength.'

'It’s the one performance that Jennifer Lawrence probably NEVER wanted the world to see!' crowed And there may be some truth to that. Certainly, neither Jennifer Lawrence, nor the rest of the world, really needed to see a grainy video of two people having fun in at a nightclub. It's like watching a video of that time you climbed up on a table and danced the night away and thought you looked amazing but actually came close to breaking your skull.