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Artículo Johnny Depp announces new role, says he regrets becoming an actor News


Johnny Depp announces new role, says he regrets becoming an actor



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17 Mayo 2017 09:26

 Johnny plays John McAfee in a biopic about the notorious antivirus pioneer

Johnny Depp is going through one of the most difficult periods of his career. He's been Hollywood's least-profitable actor for the last two years. While his economic difficulties and car-crash divorce from Amber Heard have been splashed across the press.

Things have gotten so bad that he has even told the Express that he regrets having become an actor:

'I would have told my younger self to get out of this business immediately. I would have said: "It’s gonna get weird."'

However disastrous Depp's personal life may be at the moment, he's certainly not short of work. He'll soon be reprising his role as modern cinema's most notorious pirate in the fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. And shortly after that, according to Entertainment Weeklyhe'll play John McAfee in a biopic about the antivirus pioneer.

The movie, titled King of Jungle, will be a black comedy based on an interview that the entrepreneur gave to Wired: John McAfee’s Last Stand in which McAfee revealed how – after losing millions in the stock market crash – he retired to Belize in 2010, where he ended up hanging out with killers and prostitutes, writing about yoga and creating a natural antibiotics company. 

Via Vice

On 11 November of that same year, McAfee's neighbour in Belize, Gregory Faull, was found dead of a shotgun wound to the head. McAfee, frightened he'd be considered a suspect, fled the country.

While on the run, McAfee gave interviews to a number of US media outlets. One of them, Vice, unintentionally revealed his whereabouts in the metadata of a photo it published. He was subsequently arrested in Guatemala where he faked two heart attacks to avoid being sent back to Belize. Eventually, he was deported to the USA. Nobody knows whether he really was responsible for the murder of his neighbour, but suspicions abound. McAfee was arrested in Tennessee in 2015 for driving under the influence and possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

McAfee's life of danger and debauchery; of drugs, drink, sex and guns, will be brought to the big screen by directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (Focus) and scriptwriters Larry Karaszewski (American Crime Story) and Scott Alexander (The People vs. Larry Flint).

There are some definite parallels between the lives of the two men. Both Depp and McAfee are talented but eccentric characters with a self-destructive streak. And although Depp has not reached the levels of loopiness attained by the antivirus innovator, the actor can surely draw on his own experiences of the dark side to give extra depth and realism to his performance. Perhaps this will be the movie to put Depp back on top.