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Artículo Johnny Depp's appearance has changed drastically over the past two months News


Johnny Depp's appearance has changed drastically over the past two months



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06 Abril 2017 16:35

The actor attended Lady Gaga's birthday party looking the worse for wear.

Gone are the days when Johnny Depp was Hollywood's number one heartbreaker. The star of Edward Scissorhands showed up to Lady Gaga's birthday party looking very much the worse for wear. His dark shades and beret couldn't disguise the fact that the handsome young face of Cry Baby has long gone:

Just two months ago, the actor looked quite different at the People's Choice Awards.

Depp's extreme gauntness coincides with one of the most tumultuous periods of his life. Last February, news broke that the actor was practically bankrupt. His excesses have driven him to spend around $650,000 a month on hotels, private jets and wine.

On top of that, in May 2016 Depp got divorced from Amber Heard after two years of marriage. The actress made serious accusations of mistreatment against Depp during their breakup.

His controversial life has also impacted on his career. Despite his surprise appearance in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – and his imminent outing in yet another installment of Pirates of the Caribbean – the actor was once again 2016's least profitable actor.

The Mirror recently revealed that the actor had been attempting to lose some of the weight he had gained in recent years. But his frail and run-down appearance has not gone unnoticed.