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Artículo Jurassic Florida: a tourist films a dino-sized alligator News


Jurassic Florida: a tourist films a dino-sized alligator



Antonio J. Rodríguez

19 Enero 2017 10:11

Police have confirmed that the animal caught on video is REAL.

American media likes to joke that ‘in Australia, everything can kill you’.

Angry kangaroos.

Spiders the size of rats.

Even Russell Crowe, when he’s riled up.

But the truth is, the Yanks have plenty of dangers of their own to worry about. And we're not just talking about their suicidal obsession with frying the unfryable. In Florida, you’re more likely to come face-to-face with an alligator than you are to find a parking space outside your house.

But even Floridians have been left open-mouthed at the immensity of this particular reptile.

Last Monday, Kim Joiner was exploring the Polk Nature Discovery Centre in Lakeland, Florida, when this massive alligator sauntered across the path in front of her. She recorded the moment in a video which she posted to the nature centre’s Facebook Page. The video has now been shared over 30,000 times.

The beast is estimated to measure around 12 feet long. And if you think that’s big, the largest alligator captured in US history measured a whopping 16 feet, snout to tail.

We just have one question: Is it our imagination, or does the creature remind anyone else of a squished T. rex?

Oh, Florida, you’re the perfect blend of Jurassic Park and Benidorm. And you never disappoint.

By the way, for the sceptics among you: Lakeland police have confirmed that the animal is real.