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Artículo Kendall Jenner's birthday present for her niece North isn't lavish but it's perfect News


Kendall Jenner's birthday present for her niece North isn't lavish but it's perfect



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29 Junio 2017 16:01

Kendall Jenner's gift to North is so awesome it'll make your childhood birthday presents seem lame

Receiving gifts as children are often some of our happiest memories; but also some of our most disappointing. I remember one Christmas my grandfather gave my sister an awesome scooter, while all I got from him was a hideous KHAKI GREEN AND BROWN tracksuit. It wasn't just the fact that my sister got a scooter and I got a boring old tracksuit: it was the fact that grandad's choice of colours seemed to say 'I hate your guts.'

Sometimes these things are inevitable. Partly, it's the generation gap. Your parents might genuinely believe they've got you the best present ever, but then you open it and it's a fucking music box or something, and you stare at it thinking 'as soon as I hit my teens I'm going to get into drugs and make you pay for this.'  

Of course, sometimes they did get it right... And those moments were THE BEST. 

If there were an international competition for the greatest aunt-to-niece presents ever, Kendall Jenner would take this year's prize. Check out what she got for little North's fourth birthday. 

¿Experiments? Sticky slime? Sugar-crystal lollipops? Hey, can I get some of that too?

Instead of sending a team of assistants to spend a fortune in some fancy department store, Kendall decided to give her niece a book of creative projects for kids. But that's not all: she chose four of the best projects from the book and filled four bags with all the ingredients North would need to try them out for herself.

Internet users were mostly very taken with Kendall's fun, feminist gift idea.

Well, most of them were anyway...

I wonder which one of Kendall Jenner's assistants got all of North's birthday present ingredients that Kim posted on Insta

— jeri (@REBELOFNYC) June 26, 2017

So now I just have one question: where can I find an aunt as cool as Kendall? Oh, it's not for me, it's for a friend...