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Artículo Let's play a game, Instagram... Do these nipples belong to a man or a woman? News


Let's play a game, Instagram... Do these nipples belong to a man or a woman?



xavi mane

30 Enero 2017 15:30

Genderless Nipples posts close-ups of nipples to show that Instagram can't distinguish between the male and the female.  They now have 53,000 followers.

It looks like the guys at Instagram are still a tad confused about their stance on nipples.  The logical thing to do, when deciding what can and can't be shown on the app, would have been to vote 'Nipples YES' or 'NIPPLES NO', but Instagram has opted for 'Nipples sometimes'.

The problem is that this 'sometimes' doesn't respond to a real, logical criteria, but to the same old sexist drivel that we're used to, and ends up translating to 'Male nipples YES', and 'Female nipples NO.'

Gender equality isn't a women's issue. It's a human issue. It affects all of us!

Una foto publicada por Genderless Nipples (@genderless_nipples) el

Every law has a loophole.  And when the law is unjust, that 'loophole' can be the best way to shine a light on the ridiculous prejudices on which it's founded.

If Instagram really believes that there's something reprehensible about female nipples that doesn't exist in the masculine, they should at least be able to distinguish between the two, right?  Well, the time has come for them to prove it.

Genderless Nipples challenges Instagram's censorship by sharing close-ups of nipples in which it's very difficult (or impossible) to tell if they belong to a man or a woman.

After six weeks and a little more than 70 posts, the profile now boasts some 53,000 followers and is reviving the #FreeTheNipple movement, which condemns the gender inequality applied by social media in their community guidelines.

Genderless Nipples is the project founded by three New York advertising students: Evelyne Wyss, 24, Morgan-Lee Wagner, 22, and Marco Russo, 28.  As Wyss explained to The Guardian, her and her colleagues were inspired by the debate on women's rights during the US elections.

Can we please get a changing table in the men's bathroom? Sincerely, A single dad.

Una foto publicada por Genderless Nipples (@genderless_nipples) el

In December, one of their posts featuring a male nipple was deleted for failing to comply with community rules.  'Instagram, you can't even tell the difference between male and female nipples; who could!? So why even bother banning female nipples if they can be so similar?', they wrote on their account.

Genderless Nipples asks users over 18 to send photos of their nipples so that they can be published anonymously.  They receive 90 a day.

They also have this little guide so that those who want to collaborate can make things even more difficult for Instagram.

You wanna be part of our change?! Send us that nipnip!????? (completely anonymous!)

Una foto publicada por Genderless Nipples (@genderless_nipples) el


'We're not against the rules, but we think they should apply to all genders equally', said Wyss.  'Society is changing.  We want to show Instagram that its politics no longer function in current society.'

Wyss has also commented that, 'sadly', they have yet to receive a response from Instagram.  'We want to start a dialogue with them, not fight, just talk openly and honestly.'

Merry Nipples to all of you! ⭐️

Una foto publicada por Genderless Nipples (@genderless_nipples) el

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