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Artículo Lindsay Lohan: 'I was racially profiled at Heathrow airport for wearing a headscarf' News


Lindsay Lohan: 'I was racially profiled at Heathrow airport for wearing a headscarf'



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27 Febrero 2017 18:00

Airport security asked the actress to remove her scarf.

In an appearance on Good Morning Britain, Lindsay Lohan claimed that she was 'racially profiled' while wearing a headscarf at Heathrow airport.

Lohan had flown in to Heathrow from Turkey, where she'd been speaking to President Erdogan about the refugee crisis. She was queueing up for a flight to New York when she was approached by airport security, who asked her to remove her headscarf. 

The New York-born and raised actress said that the situation made her feel scared and intimidated.

'I was wearing a headscarf and I got stopped at the airport and racially profiled for the first time in my life,' she said. 'She opened my passport and saw "Lindsay Lohan" and started immediately apologising but then said, "Please take off your head scarf."'

Lohan did as she was asked, but the situation made her think about what the incident could mean to other people. 'What scared me was, in that moment, how would another woman who doesn't feel comfortable taking off her headscarf feel? That was really interesting to me.'

The interviewer, Susanna Reid, also asked about rumours the actress is converting to Islam. Lohan said that she was considering it, but emphasised that she was interested in all religions. Regarding the wearing of the headscarf, she added that 'out of respect to certain countries that I go to, I feel more comfortable acting the same as the other women. That's just a personal respect issue for me.'

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