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Artículo Photo of Magic Johnson and Samuel L Jackson becomes a 'racist' meme News


Photo of Magic Johnson and Samuel L Jackson becomes a 'racist' meme



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25 Agosto 2017 07:31

Nina Moric has already caused controversy with her far-right ideas

Nina Moric shared a photo of Magic Johnson and Samuel L Jackson on holiday in Tuscany with the caption: 'To see migrants lounging around on benches in places like Forte dei Marmi, living off the 35 euros a day that they get from us, is really too much.'

In the picture, basketball legend Magic Johnson and Hollywood star Samuel L Jackson can be seen relaxing on a bench, surrounded by Louis Vuitton and Prada shopping bags.

The €35 refers to the allowance the Italian state grants refugees to facilitate their insertion. Unsurprisingly, this allowance has been criticised by far-right parties in Italy such as Forza Italia and Lega Nord.

In reality, Johnson and Jackson were simply taking a breather after a hard day's shopping in upmarket holiday resort Forte dei Marmi.

Although Moric's post helped the image go viral, she did not create the original meme. That dubious honour goes to left-wing comedian and satirist Luca Bottura, who shared the image along with the caption: 'Boldrini's resources in Forte dei Marmi shop at Prada with our €35. Share this picture if you are outraged.'

This was a reference to Laura Boldrini, President of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy, who has drawn fierce criticism from the far-right for her progressive open migration policy.

Bottura's meme was designed to be a social experiment, a way of trolling migrant haters by intentionally mimicking the style and language used by supporters of far-right parties across Italy.

However, his attempt backfired when his post was picked up by former model Nina Moric, who decided to carry out her own 'social experiment'. She re-shared the picture with a similar caption. Moric is known for her support of far-right causes, and so, unsurprisingly, many of her 300,000 followers took her post completely seriously. The post generated lots of racist comments, as well as a great deal of criticism and ridicule.

Moric – who is Croatian but lives in Italy – has form when it comes to stirring political controversy. She is also well-known for her far-right views. In January, she used social media to attack the coach of football team, Juventus.

'Without Pjaca and Mandzukic, Juve would be in third place, put them on the pitch, Livornes communist!!!', she wrote, demanding that the two Croatian players be sent onto the field, while attacking the origins of coach Massimiliano Allegri. Allegri's home city of Livorno is where Italy's communist party was founded in 1921. It has also been one of the strongholds of the team for almost 100 years.

'You have the cognitive capacity of a paperweight,' was one of the comments she received in response to that outburst.

In the past, Moric has expressed support for CasaPound, a neo-fascist political movement which inspired Greece's Golden Dawn, as well as Spain's Hogar Social Madrid with its use of racist, hateful propaganda. Moric has even gone so far as to announce her intention to run for the far-right group as a political candidate.

We'd like to leave you with something more pleasant to contemplate. A photo of two old friends enjoying themselves on holiday: