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Artículo Man dances on woman's face for five hours and then leaves her for dead News


Man dances on woman's face for five hours and then leaves her for dead



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10 Agosto 2017 07:16

Brutal attack on Mary-Anne Connors, mother of a two-year-old girl

28-year-old John Paul Berry punched, kicked, and 'danced on the face' of Mary-Anne Connors, a 23-year-old mother from Essex, England.


Connors pleaded with Berry to stop but the 'danse macabre' lasted at least five hours. The victim was left with shattered cheek bones and a broken jaw. She also lost some teeth and is at risk of losing an eye.

At 5.30am, on July 23, a neighbour went round to Connors's home after hearing her two-year-old baby crying.

When the neighbour saw the victim's battered face she fainted, but as soon as she awoke she called the emergency services.

The victim knew her attacker, Berry, who is now the target of a manhunt. Berry has a brown beard and moustache, and tattoos on his chest and arms.

Conners has suffered life-changing injuries and will need reconstructive surgery. She told Associated Press that she can't bring herself to go home because the memory of her brutal beating is too traumatic.