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Artículo Man dies after being attacked by his dog during an interview with the BBC News


Man dies after being attacked by his dog during an interview with the BBC



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04 Abril 2017 16:53

Witnesses say it wasn't the first time the dog had attacked him.

On 20 March, a BBC team was interviewing a man at his home in Wood Green, North London, when his dog, a Staffordshire bull terrier, attacked him, biting him on his neck. 

The 41-year-old victim, known as Mario Perivoitos, was taken to a hospital in an ambulance after the film crew called 999. The man was pronounced dead two hours later, the Metropolitan police confirmed.

A neighbour who gave his name as Tayfun said on Wednesday that the dog had attacked Perivoitos before. 'There were one or two occasions when the dog attacked,' he said. 'Six or seven months ago, the dog bit him on the leg. We heard him shout at the dog and he came running out with blood on his leg.'

Despite this, he said Perivoitos 'loved the dog more than himself,' adding that the dog was usually calm: 'I never saw the dog be vicious.'

Geoff Morgan, one of the neighbours who was at home when the incident took place, heard a commotion: 'I heard him shouting – "Get him off! Get him off me!" He was shouting really loudly. He was bleeding from the neck. There was a lot of blood.'

Perivoitos, who had been living in the building for more than 20 years, was described by other residents as chaotic and disruptive. At one point, his flat was a crack house, and he was well-known for having problems with drugs. 'Everybody knows he's on drugs but no matter how he was, he didn't deserve to die like that,' said another neighbour.

BBC crew questioned after man killed by his own dog while filming documentary

The BBC said, 'A crew making a BBC documentary were present – but not filming – at the time of the incident and called an ambulance. Given the ongoing  inquiries, it would not be appropriate to comment further.' 

A postmortem examination of the victim gave the cause of death as hypovolemic shock – a condition caused by massive blood loss – plus damage to the airway consistent with a dog bite.

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