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Artículo Man filmed assaulting two young women for coming home drunk News


Man filmed assaulting two young women for coming home drunk



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16 Agosto 2017 07:26

The two inebriated young women were greeted with verbal abuse and slaps 

Two girls come home drunk in the early hours of the morning and a man walks out of the house to hit and rebuke them.

The brunette can barely walk and falls heavily to the wet floor with a splash. The man – presumably a family member – strides out of the house and slaps the girl's red-haired friend.

The redhead is still clutching onto a plastic bottle which the man then hurls to the ground. After a few more insults, the friend walks away while the man drags the brunette towards the house.

The video was filmed in Russia and uploaded to YouTube on 3 August. The comments and laughter of the men filming can be heard in the background.

The incident has stirred controversy on social media: most have condemned the man's violent actions, but some have defended him, claiming that women shouldn't be allowed to roam the streets alone under the influence of alcohol.