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Artículo Man repeatedly rapes a woman in a park hours before his wedding News


Man repeatedly rapes a woman in a park hours before his wedding



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07 Marzo 2017 15:46

'This man is a vicious predator and an extreme danger to woman'

'I'm gonna have some fun with this one,' 28-year-old Derry McCann told his friend before forcing his victim, a 24-year-old law student, down to the secluded banks of a pond where he launched a 'terrifying, violent and prolonged' attack on her. 'He preyed on his victim and set out to degrade her physically and psychologically,' said Det Insp Lee Davison from the Metropolitan Police. 'This man is a vicious predator and an extreme danger to woman.' 

McCann has already been in prison for rape. In 2006, a judge sentenced him to life imprisonment, with a minimum of nine years, and warned that there was a 'high risk' of him attacking again. Despite the judge's warning, McCann was freed.

Unfortunately, time has proven the judge right. On 13 January, just hours before marrying his pregnant fiancée, Derry McCann struck again in Victoria Park, East London.

'A little after midnight, the victim was walking the short distance home after socialising with friends,' prosecutor Kate Bex told the court. 'Within feet of the exit, the defendant grabbed her and pulled her off the park and began a sustained attack.' 

According to officers, the victim was 'raped, beaten and humiliated'. McCann abused and psychologically tortured her for two horrific hours. He repeatedly asked her what she thought he was going to do to her before carrying out his attacks. When he finished, McCann stole the victim's phone and took photos of her with it, gloating: 'You're lucky I didn't video it.'  Hours after the attack, McCann was attending his own wedding where he married his pregnant fiancée. He then shared photos of the event on Facebook, as if nothing had happened.

'You have done the most terrible things. You will be going to prison, as you understand, for a very, very long time' Judge Martyn Zeidman told McCann. 

McCann, from Bow, East London, pleaded guilty to charges of rape, sexual abuse with penetration, and robbery. His sentence will be handed down by Snaresbrook Crown Court on 28 April.