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Artículo Motorway becomes an abattoir after a truckload of cattle overturns News


Motorway becomes an abattoir after a truckload of cattle overturns



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12 Junio 2017 11:04

Hunger, greed, or collective madness: everyone has a different opinion about the incident

Blood, dismembered cows and enormous knives. A main road between Villahermosa and Frontera, in Mexico City, was turned into an abattoir after a cattle trailer overturned.

The images shared by SinEmbargo are horrific and bloody. But once the initial shock had faded, people engaged in a depressing but detailed analysis of what they had just witnessed.

The driver was going too fast. He lost control of the vehicle and it overturned, throwing the cattle he'd been transporting across the motorway. Many of the cows died on impact. The locals came with ropes and machetes and began cutting off the choicest hunks of meat to take home with them. Soon, the road was swimming in blood. Later, when authorities failed to arrive, the locals came back to kill the cows that remained alive and butcher them for their meat.

'In little under an hour, the villagers had finished off all the cows that were left,' says the narrator of the video.

It might look like a post-apocalyptic scenario, but the reality is more likely to be a village of very hungry people. Not everybody thinks the same, however. Mexican sources have suggested to PlayGround that hurricane Katrina might have something to do with it: 'In 2005, New Orleans was destroyed. People had nothing to eat so they looted warehouses and supermarkets for food. People in Mexico saw this on TV and now every time there's a natural disaster of some kind, they rush to the supermarkets and take everything they can – not just food – even though there's no shortage.'

The Facebook page of the Mexican online newspaper that first published the story was inundated with all sorts of comments about the incident: 

Y la página del medio mexicano se ha llenado de comentarios de todo tipo que valoraban el suceso:

Make the wall 100 metres higher please, please Mr Trump, how shameful...
It's because of subhuman scenes like these that the world thinks everyone in Mexico is the same!! It's frightening to think that Mexican DNA is irredeemably fucked, shameless, degenerate thieves!
When accidents like these occur, it's important to look carefully at what exactly happened after the truck turned over – whether one, two, or three animals were badly injured; usually the owners, drivers or even police give them away and let people take them so as not to waste the meat.

Although they might say otherwise, hunger is behind this, irrespective of whether the meat is taken to sell or to eat. Famine is growing in Mexico because there is more and more poverty and poor people in this country, this is what we've inherited from bad governments, and it's what we're going to pass on to our children, corrupt leaders who plunder the wealth of the people.

Whatever the truth of the matter, one thing that cannot be denied is that – as we reported in this article –  just 21% of the Mexican population can afford the basic monthly shopping basket according to the Poverty and Inequality Observatory. This is owing to the fact that the minimum wage doesn't reach the 350 pesos (about 19 dollars) a day established by law to permit people to buy basic foodstuffs. And that is despite the fact that they have the second lowest prices in all Latin America and the 13th lowest globally, according to El Economista.

In Mexico the passionate debate rages on. Was it a scene of horror or hunger? Should the villagers be condemned or condoned?

[Via Sin Embargo]