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Artículo NBA reacts with outrage over Trump's victory News


NBA reacts with outrage over Trump's victory



david perez

09 Noviembre 2016 14:24

Many NBA players, supportive to Hillary Clinton, have spoken. Obviously they're not happy. Shortly after Trump's election was confirmed, they have started reacting with outrage on social networks.

Important players as Dwyane Wade, Jamal Crawford or DeMarcus Cousins tweeted about their negative feelings and concerns.







Some even joke about moving to european teams or to Toronto Raptors.


Just a few expressed joy after Trump's victory. Kris Humphries, from Hawks, encourages the new president to make America great again. Mavs owner, Mark Cuban, asks to at least give Trump a chance.


Those two are clearly exceptions. NBA support to Clinton is beyond all doubt, after receiving donations for over $1.5M coming from NBA circles, including Magic Johnson's $500K donation to her campaign.