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Artículo New poll suggests Bernie Sanders would beat Trump in 2020 US election News


New poll suggests Bernie Sanders would beat Trump in 2020 US election



Playground Redaccion

19 Julio 2017 15:49

If the poll is correct, let's just hold our breath until 2020 

Since the 2016 US election, it’s been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. But the kind of rollercoaster ride that breaks your neck and leaves you paralysed. Since Donald Trump, the bloated, tangerine-tinted reality star, took office, the whole world feels like an upside down dystopia, sucking any progression or liberal values into a black hole of despair. But, the dark tides may be turning because a recent poll states that The Donald would lose to Bernie Sanders and other Democrats in a 2020 presidential election. The poll, orchestrated by Public Policy Polling (PPP), puts Trump 13 points behind Sanders at 39% to 52%, and he is trailing former Vice President Joe Biden by an even greater margin. Rejoice, I hear you say. Well, let’s not count our chickens before they hatch, because polls have proven themselves to be very unreliable. During polling, the Democratic-aligned firm asked responders who they would prefer to be next president between Trump and a number of potential opponents. According to their findings, Senator Elizabeth Warren would win by a seven-point margin. 836 registered voters took part in the survey, and the poll had a margin error of 3.4%. procesar trump In the case of Sanders, the Vermont senator lost out to Hillary Clinton in the race for Democratic presidential candidate in early 2016. Fierce supporters of the 75-year-old left-winger were angered by the allegedly bureaucratic way that Clinton was chosen to run for The White House. And it didn’t do her any favours when she lost the election to a property mogul billionaire who has the articulacy of a mud-dwelling worm. Sanders has been an outspoken critic of Trump when it comes to nearly all of his policies, particularly healthcare and the environment. And parallels have been drawn between him and the UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, because both exhibit a similar populist socialism, but one that swings to the left rather than hard-right. However, hopes of him becoming the next leader of The Free World seem less likely given his age, as by the time the 2020 US elections come around he will be pushing 80. But, then again, speculation has been mounting that Biden, Barack Obama’s former right-hand man, will run for next president, aged 78. Either way, there are a lot of people in the world that would prefer a decaying corpse to preside over US politics than Trump.