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Artículo One US gymnast abused every 20 days News


One US gymnast abused every 20 days



Antonio J. Rodríguez

20 Diciembre 2016 13:30

Since English footballer Andy Woodward spoke publicly about the abuse he suffered by one of his coaches many more stories of sexual abuse have become known after years of silence. The floodgates have opened. The latest spate of reports come from the USA where at least 368 gymnasts have alleged suffering sexual abuse in the last 20 years according to an investigation by the Indianapolis Star. In other words: one gymnast abused every 20 days. Cases reported by the Indianapolis Star include nude photographs taken of a six-year-old girl; gymnasts groped during massage sessions or molested through their leotards; and almost daily sex with a 14-year-old.

Complaints have also been made about USA Gymnastics for not alerting authorities about known abuses or taking action against the perpetrators.

The organization responded to the report with a statement. USA Gymnastics has been proactive in helping to educate the gymnastics community and will continue to take every punitive action available within our jurisdiction and cooperate fully with law enforcement.’

The investigation also reports that abuses are occurring in small gyms across the US. Gym owners are often aware of the abuses carried out by coaches on their premises, but do not go to the police through fear of being closed down. Coaches who are fired instead of being reported to authorities get to keep their licence and are able to simply move on to another gym.