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Artículo Paco: from teen empanada vendor to internet marketing guru News


Paco: from teen empanada vendor to internet marketing guru



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10 Mayo 2017 10:47

Remember Paco the empanada seller who turned down an offer from Carlos Slim? Well, here he is now

We bet you remember Paco, the 15-year-old who sells empanadas on Acapulco beach in Mexico. He became famous after a video of his ingenious sales pitch captivated millions on YouTube. Speaking multiple languages and sporting an infectious smile, Paco craftily offers his customers both ham and cheese or cheese and ham fillings (which he assures taste quite different), as well as his famous 'diet shark' empanada. The video brought Paco to the attention of Arturo Elías Ayub, son-in-law of Carlos Slim and executive with Mexican telecommunications giant Telmex, who offered Paco a scholarship. The empanada seller's fame grew even greater when he turned the scholarship down.

Paco decided to stay with his family and follow his own path. People applauded him for not selling out to the easy money offered by the mighty Slim empire. But where is Paco now?


After he was sprung into the limelight, life became frenetic, with reporters camped outside his family home. 'He used to sell his empanadas all over Acapulco, but now he doesn't want to go outside because people won't leave him alone,' his mum told the Mexican media.

Paco was inundated with invitations to do TV and newspaper interviews; he was the subject of celebrity profiles and even a fake video which made it look like he'd been arrested. Oh, and he inspired this song:

But then... nothing.

In less than two months, Paco – 'the empanada boy' – had disappeared from the face of the earth. He seemed to vanish from sight as quickly as he'd been shot to fame in the first place. People wondered what had become of him. Well, now we know: Paco, the empanada vendor who said 'no' to Slim is now Paco the internet marketing guru. He shares marketing tips with his followers from his Facebook page

'People who really like what I do will stay with me. On my page they'll find tips and they'll get to know more about me and the music I like. But I'll never give up my recipe.' 

One of this expert marketeer's first lessons is as simple as it is effective: 

'True failure is not trying. Success consists in overcoming your fear of failure.' 

True failure is not even trying.

Paco's Facebook page hasn't been updated for a while. Some of his followers ask why he doesn't post more often. A girl call Marta left a message on his wall saying, 'They've forgotten about you, Paco... what happened to your fame?' We'll let you decide whether Marta's words are motivated by concern or cruelty. 

Perhaps the very best thing that can happen to Paco is that people forget about him. Everybody should have the right to live their life away from the limelight. Fame comes with a price after all, and that seems to be non-negotiable.