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Artículo Passenger films Uber driver receiving oral sex while driving News


Passenger films Uber driver receiving oral sex while driving



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27 Julio 2017 09:39

The video has caused outrage on social media

It was 2:43 in the morning on 17 July when Aner Manuel, a guy from Boston who was visiting Chicago (where he’s planning to move to in the autumn) decided his evening had come to an end and he ordered an Uber to pick him up from the Wrigleyville neighbourhood.

When the car arrived, there was something weird going on. A woman was sitting in the front passenger seat of the car, despite Menuel not having selected the UberPOOL ride-share option. ‘It was late, I was like “ah, I’ll get in,”’ he told Esquire. ‘I figured it was a family member or something.’

As soon as they set off, things took a turn to the strange. The woman, who was clearly on drugs, tried to open the car door while it was moving. In no time at all, the situation became increasingly sexual. First there were kisses and a few harmless caresses. But in a matter of minutes, the woman was undoing the driver’s belt and giving him oral sex. Manuel filmed the whole sordid scene on his mobile phone.

The situation was so uncomfortable and dangerous that, despite having no idea of his whereabouts, Manuel decided to ask the driver to stop the vehicle so he could get out. His journey ended at 2:51, 8 minutes and 3.2 km after it had started.

The driver apologised repeatedly and added that he hoped Manuel would give him a good star rating (you have to admire his balls). ‘He said, “I'm sorry, I'm sorry,” like twice. But he didn't really prevent it,’ he explained.

In less than an hour, Manuel had contacted Uber to complain about the incident. A reimbursement for the fare and 10 dollars’ worth of credit was all they were willing to offer him. When they stopped responding to his messages, Manuel decided to post this video on Uber’s Facebook page, with the following text:

Not only did the driver endanger the lives of all three in the car, he also forced someone to witness a sexual scene against their will, which is a form of abuse.

On seeing the video’s repercussions on social networks, Uber pulled its finger out and tried to make up for its pitiful response, ensuring that the driver had been removed from the application the moment the situation had been reported.

Like Manuel, social media users have been critical of Uber saying the company’s response was not enough.

Does Uber really intend to put an end to the sexually abusive situations inflicted on customers by its workers?

Because I’m starting to have my doubts…

Meanwhile, there are numerous Twitter users  who are sharing the Daily Mail’s take on the story, which claims the girl was a prostitute, when there is absolutely nothing to suggest such a thing. Would they assume the same if she were white?