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Artículo Race played a role in Tupac's breakup with Madonna, prison letter shows News


Race played a role in Tupac's breakup with Madonna, prison letter shows



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06 Julio 2017 16:27

The love that could have been...

Madonna and rapper Tupac Shakur’s elusive relationship in the early ‘90s has been a talking point for years. The ‘Material Girl’ singer has kept relatively quiet about rumours that have circulated about their star-crossed love affair, but now more details have come to light.

A letter written by Shakur in prison is being auctioned later this month and its contents make for a juicy read. The note, obtained by TMZ, is addressed to Madonna on January 15 1995 and apologises for his decision to break off their romance. Shakur admitted that race was a factor in his thinking process, but that he was mistaken to assume that being black would have had adverse effects on her thriving career.

He wrote: ‘For you to be seen with a black man wouldn’t in any way jeopardize your career – if anything it would make you seem that much more open and exciting. But for me, at least in my previous perception, I felt due to my “image,” I would be letting down half of the people who made me what I thought I was. I never meant to hurt you.

Well isn’t that heartbreaking. Hold on, I have something in my eye…

tupac 2

But wait, there’s more. Shakur also felt hurt when Madonna alluded to dating rappers other than him.

‘You said “I’m off to rehabilitate all the rappers and basketball players” or something to that affect,' he explained. ‘Those words cut me deep seeing as how I had never known you to be with any rappers besides myself. It was at this moment out of hurt and natural instinct to strike back and defend my hurt and ego that I said a lot of things.

‘Please understand my previous position as that of a young man with limited experience with an extremely famous sex symbol. I have grown both spiritually and mentally.’

Shakur was convicted of sexual abuse against a fan in February 1995 and was sentenced to one-and-a-half to four-and-a-half years in prison. Then 23, the rapper apologised to his victim but denied committing a crime. This certainly wasn’t the first time Shakur had a run-in with law enforcement and he had been shot five times previous to his sentence.

In 1996, a year after he wrote the letter to Madonna, Shakur was fatally shot by a gunman in Las Vegas after leaving a Mike Tyson boxing match. His music, however, lives on.