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Artículo Reporter is vomited on during live broadcast; her reaction is amazing News


Reporter is vomited on during live broadcast; her reaction is amazing



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11 Julio 2017 13:36

Professionalism at its best

We all remember Freddy Mercury singing The Show Must Go On. And that's exactly what this extremely professional reporter did during her 4 July broadcast: despite getting violently puked on, she kept calm and carried on.

In the USA, the Fourth of July is Independence Day. Most citizens feel it's their patriotic duty to celebrate the day with everything they've got. This year, Wendy Burch was one of the hardy reporters sent out to cover the festivities for KTLA Morning News.

Burch was on an assignment at Hermosa Beach, at an event in which revelers were expected to run for a mile along the beachfront, and swim a mile in the sea, before necking a six-pack of beer. While Burch was interviewing one of the competitors, someone off-screen projectile vomits all over her and her interviewee.

The live broadcast was cut, but the reporter didn't know this and, deciding that the show must go on, bravely ploughed on. She carried on interviewing the man for another two minutes, despite the vomit dripping down her face.

KTLA Morning News presenter Christina Pascucci expressed her support and admiration for Burch on Twitter. Burch herself has resigned herself to the fact that her live drenching will generate gifs, memes and gags that will last until the next Fourth of July and beyond.