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Artículo Russian heiress hires Lady Gaga to sing at her wedding News


Russian heiress hires Lady Gaga to sing at her wedding



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07 Julio 2017 09:19

Our conclusion? Rich people can be horribly tacky.

For most mere mortals, celebrating a wedding is an expensive business. Pennies must be counted, corners usually need to be cut: how many guests on the groom's side and how many on the bride's? Should we get carnations or can we stretch to roses? What about the dress? The food? How long will it take our freeloading friends to bankrupt us at the open bar?

By the time we get to the music, most of us are reduced to fishing for loose change behind the sofa and our options are few.

Buying a 'Now That's What I Call a Wedding' CD from Amazon might be our only solution.


Or maybe calling our mate who was a DJ back in the day and thinks he's still got the skills.

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You could always hire a professional wedding singer to belt out those 80s classics.

Or maybe, if you're really lucky, you might find some failed X Factor contestants who are so desperate for a gig they'll take whatever they can get.

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Unless of course you happen to be the progeny of Russian oligarch Eldar Osmanov who is so loaded that he has no qualms spending $10m on a wedding ceremony for his daughter Lolita Osmanova and son-in-law Gaspar Avdolyan.


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Location: the iconic Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles no less. And on a Saturday. Picking discount days is for paupers.

Gaspar and Lola's wedding??? #photography #luxury #dress #bride #wedding #goals #kimkardashian #armenia #gasparlola

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Flowers: $500,000 thank you very much.

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Music: 'What's the name of that singer you love so much, sweetheart? The one who's like a younger version of Cher?' 'Lady Gaga, daddy'. 'Well, then Lady Gaga you shall have!' Only the best for the tycoon's baby girl.

? P.S. все,с Гагой последнее) #слоупок

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As a bonus, here are some more pictures of the wedding. To remind you of two things: 

1) You're fucking poor.

2) Rich people can be horribly tacky.

#gasparlola Armenian luxury wedding in La ???????????????????????????????????????? Gaspar Avdolyan Lola Osmanova

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Between bride's and groom's family???? #gasparlolitawedding

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day 1 ??? #gasparlolitawedding

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On July 1, 2017 we were given an unforgettable opportunity to teach and perform at the wedding of Lola and Gaspar Avdolyan; the children of prominent Russian Armenians. This was a important moment for Zvartnots because we were chosen along with the most famous Russian, Armenian, and American singers and performers. There are certain points in everyone's career where they feel they are getting recognition for all their hard work and dedication and this year has been that for us. We thank our peers and community both in Los Angeles and Armenia for continuously pushing us to strive for the best we can be and are grateful for all the calls and congratulations we receive after these important moments. We appreciate the time everyone took out of their day to share our joy . We also thank those who don't share our joy- it is because of you that we continue to push and strive to be the best. Zvartnots is just beginning our longterm career, and we look forward to continuously striving on all your well wishes for our 30th Anniversary until our eventual 50th anniversary. Thank you!

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