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Artículo Scenes that take the fun out of posing for selfies at a Holocaust memorial News


Scenes that take the fun out of posing for selfies at a Holocaust memorial



Antonio J. Rodríguez

24 Enero 2017 09:07

Is it OK to take goofy selfies at a site commemorating the deaths of six million people?


These days, being a tourist essentially consists of taking an endless stream of selfies and uploading them all to Instagram so that everyone can see how cool and well-travelled you are.

A statue of some bloke you’ve never heard of? Photo.


A bridge overlooking a river you can’t remember the name of? Photo.


A statue of another bloke you’ve never heard of, looking all heroic on top of a horse? Photo.


A memorial to millions of people who died a terrible death? What the hell, another photo!


10,000 visitors come to the Berlin Holocaust Memorial every day. Lots of them take photos and selfies. Some of them fool around while they do so: skating, cycling or capering around the 19,000 m² structure.


Yolocaust is a project by Israeli-German artist Shahak Shapira. His intention is to encourage tourists to stop and reflect before whipping out the selfie stick.

The images speak for themselves. Have a look, and draw your own conclusions.

‘No historical event compares to the Holocaust,’ writes Shahak Shapira.

‘It’s up to you how to behave at a memorial site that marks the death of 6 million people.’