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Artículo Seatless airplanes: one Colombian airline's cost-cutting idea News


Seatless airplanes: one Colombian airline's cost-cutting idea



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05 Julio 2017 13:57

They just found a way to make air travel even more unpleasant

If you've been on a long flight recently then you're probably still suffering from the pain caused by those orthopedic seats jabbing into your backside, a stiff neck from attempting to find a comfortable position for your head to get some sleep, and the numbness in your legs which you weren't able to stretch even a little bit.

Now imagine you had to travel for an hour or more in even greater discomfort.

Without a seat.

With standing-room only throughout the flight.

Kind of like being on a giant bus.

A nightmare, right? 

Well, guess what? That's exactly what's been proposed by William Shaw, founder and director of the airline VivaColombia.

In an interview with the Miami Herald, Shaw stated that the Colombian airline is contemplating doing away with seating on its planes. 'There are people out there right now researching whether you can fly standing up. We’re very interested in anything that makes travel less expensive,' the CEO said. 'Who cares if you don’t have an in-flight entertainment system for a one-hour flight?' he told the Miami Herald. 'Who cares that there aren’t marble floors...or that you don’t get free peanuts?' the businessman added.

His statements come after the company announced that it has purchased 50 new Airbus 320 with more seats and lower maintenance costs. International tourism was up 43% in Colombia during the first four months of 2017 compared with the same period in 2016. A record figure, and one which has evidenced the need to reduce transport costs in the country... even if this comes at the expense of passengers' comfort.

Although this isn't the first time an airline has played with the idea of standing-room-only flights (Ryanair and Airbus have both pitched the idea in the past), VivaColombia's proposal has not gone down especially well in the South American country. Civil Aviation Director Alfredo Bocanegra told RCN radio in Colombia this week that he wouldn’t support the idea. 'People have to travel like human beings,' he said. 'Anyone who has ridden on public mass transit knows that it’s not the best when you’re standing.'

For the moment the idea remains a pipe dream. But one day who knows; perhaps planes will be no more than giant, winged buses. And we might all have to spend transoceanic flights with our noses stuck in the sweaty armpits of our fellow passengers.