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Artículo Shark leaps aboard fishermen's boat and gets stuck in shocking video News


Shark leaps aboard fishermen's boat and gets stuck in shocking video



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01 Agosto 2017 11:28

Nobody wanted such a nail-biting ending

A video of a shark trapped between the railings of a fishing boat has gone viral on social media. The mako shark can be seen struggling violently as it attempts to free itself of the guard railings of the boat. The shark's mouth becomes bloody after it attempts to bite through the metal railings.

According to Newsflare, the incident took place on 6 July off the coast of Long Island. The video captures the astounded reactions of the fishermen as the mako shark jumps onto their boat and quickly becomes stuck in the guard rail.

'My God, he jumped on the boat!' cries out one woman. Shocked laughter can be heard from others, while the crew start to debate how to free it.

After watching the animal become more and more agitated, thrashing around and bleeding, the crew come up with a way to help it get free.

With the aim of keeping the animal's head facing the ocean, they tie its tail to the boat and use a fishing line to grab its head.

The crew then lower the shark over the side of the boat before cutting the rope and releasing the creature back into the water. It then swims away.