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Artículo Silicon Valley calls for an independent California after Trump’s victory News


Silicon Valley calls for an independent California after Trump’s victory



david perez

09 Noviembre 2016 16:45

The future is more uncertain than ever for the United States.

With Donald Trump as president, no one knows what state the “greatest country in the world” will be in over the coming years.

The place which is most reeling from this uncertainty is Silicon Valley, a place which, by definition, is at odds with Trump’s ideas.

During the election night, various members of Palo Alto’s elite shared their anger on social media, even giving ideas about what they could do to escape the harsh reality.

Shervin Pishevar, co-founder of Sherpa Capital, the capital investment fund for start-ups such as Uber and Airbnb, proposed an independent California:

Dave Morin, CEO of Path, rallied behind the idea:

They weren’t the only ones to air their grievances. Aaron Levie, chairman at Box, was mourning the fact that the predictions made by statistician Nate Silver hadn’t come to fruition:

Jason Calacanis, the entrepreneur responsible for companies such as Netscape and Mahalo (and a current executive at Tesla), labelled the results a “nightmare”.

Sam Altman, CEO of Y Combinator, the “most powerful” seed accelerator in the world, felt anxious about what he was witnessing:

M.G. Siegler, a partner at Google Ventures, warned of what awaited them:

And, Benedict Evans of GV, Periscope and Slack, preferred to flee the reality that was unfolding on Twitter: