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Artículo Someone has made 'Breaking Bad' into a two-hour movie News


Someone has made 'Breaking Bad' into a two-hour movie



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15 Marzo 2017 11:58

The story of Walter White: the abridged version.

'You've got to see Breaking Bad,' your friends tell you again and again. 'It's the greatest series of all time. Stop what you're doing and watch it already.' 

But then you realise that you're going to have to invest a whopping 62 hours of your life if you want to learn the story of Walter White.

Until now.

If what has kept you from seeing Breaking Bad until now has been a lack of time, the solution is here. This Vimeo user has spent two years extracting the essence of the series and compressing it into a two-hour film. And somehow, it totally works.

Of course, Breaking Bad: The Movie is missing some of the most memorable scenes from the TV series. But if all you want is to get a better idea of what the hell happens to poor old Walter White, then this severely abridged version should do the job.