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Artículo Teen girl forced to give birth in street after being turned away by family and doctors News


Teen girl forced to give birth in street after being turned away by family and doctors



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30 Agosto 2017 07:07

Thanks to locals and passersby, the mother and child were eventually admitted to hospital


In the video, the teenager can be seen wrapping the crying newborn in her dress while cars and motorbikes drive past. The girl gave birth without receiving any medical attention despite the fact that she was less than 100 metres from a health centre. The clinic reportedly refused her as she was only 17 and not accompanied by a guardian.

Locals alerted the medical staff to the girl's situation but, according to the website of India's most widely read newspaper,, no doctors or nurses came to her aid.

Finally a local resident, Om Prakash Sharma, found the girl and her newborn on the street, covered in blood. 'She was in a miserable state. She was shivering and unable to lift and cuddle her infant. Heavy vehicles were crossing by but she didn’t have strength to move aside,' he told The Hindustan Times.

Thanks to the efforts of locals, the young mother and her child were eventually admitted to hospital where they received medical attention.

The girl is from a village around 100km east of Ranchi. She is unmarried and her family had driven her out after discovering she was with child. The girl told reporters that she was in love with a villager but he left her when she got pregnant.

Hospital authorities said they will consult NGOs to take care of the mother and child after they are discharged from hospital if the girl's family doesn't come to pick them up.