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Artículo Teen magazine age-shames the Olsen twins on Twitter... and the internet erupts News


Teen magazine age-shames the Olsen twins on Twitter... and the internet erupts



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11 Mayo 2017 09:51

A supposedly feminist and socially aware magazine publicly humiliates the Olsen twins by mocking their appearance

We don't know if it was the work of a bored intern gone rogue, or maybe someone's finger slipped and they clicked 'Tweet' by accident. Or perhaps somebody just lost their mind and genuinely thought it was a good idea. However it came into the world, Affinity Magazine's tweet age-shaming the Olsen twins did not go down well. In fact, it provoked a massive backlash on social media.

'Nicki Minaj is 34 and the Olsen twins are 30,' Affinity Magazine tweeted. 'White people age like bananas.'

There are several things wrong with this. First of all, judging and comparing the respective attractiveness of three women – as if they were contestants in a beauty contest – is sexist. And if, on top of that, you are criticising them for not aging well, that adds ageism to the mix. It is also just plain cruel. But perhaps the worst thing about the tweet is that the magazine in question labels itself as a feminist, body-positive publication that 'amplifies the voices of teens – regardless of age, gender, race, and sexual orientation.' 

As soon as the tweet (which has now been deleted) was posted, the magazine came under fire from livid Twitter users:


'What's disgusting is you claim to be a feminist mag yet pit women against each other to mock them,' wrote one woman. Others noted that the tweet was in especially poor taste considering that both Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen have battled health issues in the past. Mary-Kate entered treatment for an eating disorder in 2004, and Ashley suffers from Lyme disease.

Other users accused the magazine of out-and-out racism for negatively comparing the way two white women are aging in comparison with a black woman. 

The magazine issued an apology which singularly failed to satisfy their critics. They then tried a more 'scientific approach', but that made matters even worse...

Was it really necessary? Under the pretext of showing how differently people age, Affinity Magazine is continuing the age-old patriarchal tradition of comparing and criticising women and provoking rivalry between them. The tweet somehow managed to be sexist, racist and ageist all at the same time. Quite a feat for a magazine that claims to be a social justice platform.