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Artículo Teen who kicked a rabbit while yelling 'Cristiano Ronaldo' wanted by Internet News


Teen who kicked a rabbit while yelling 'Cristiano Ronaldo' wanted by Internet



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19 Julio 2017 16:13

At the moment, the only thing we know is that the video was shared on WhatsApp, probably by the teenager's friends

Six seconds, a rabbit and a textbook example of an arsehole: that's the most concise way to describe the video that has the internet up in arms and crying out for justice.

In what appears to be some arid region of deep Spain, a brainless imbecile screams 'Cristiano Ronaldo' while kicking a defenceless rabbit with all his might, sending it several metres into the air. 

People are sharing the video via YouTube, Twitter and other social media networks in an attempt to track down the perpetrator. The user who uploaded the footage to YouTube wrote in the comment 'my only intention (in posting this video) is for it to have enough of an impact to ensure the authors face the consequences of their actions'. 

Some users have remarked that the teenager's accent suggests he may be from Malaga in Andalusia. However, the truth is that so far there's insufficient hard evidence to draw any conclusions about his identity.

The video has already been brought to the attention of the Spanish police who are now also looking for the teenager. The police even posted a tweet to their three million followers asking for their help in tracking down the suspect.

'Help us catch him! We're looking for this heartless person who was filmed kicking a rabbit. A resounding 'NO' to #AnimalCruelty'

If caught, the boy could face up to four months in prison for animal cruelty. So far it has been impossible to confirm whether the animal died or was seriously injured as a result of the aggression. 

The only thing we know for sure is that the video was initially shared on WhatsApp, probably by the teenager's friends.

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