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Artículo Tesla's new Model 3 electric car sees Elon Musk's dream become reality News


Tesla's new Model 3 electric car sees Elon Musk's dream become reality



Playground Redaccion

31 Julio 2017 14:41

Could petrol and diesel cars soon be a thing of the past?

Tesla’s Model 3 electric car is here, and its future is promising - and cheap(ish).  The car company has rolled out its new vehicle, that runs solely on electricity, at a more affordable price than any others produced by Tesla previously. The Model 3 is the brainchild and passion project of tech pioneer Elon Musk, who has been shaking up Silicon Valley since he burst onto the scene. Buzz around the new Model 3 has been swirling since CEO Musk made the big reveal last week. Commentators have noted that, if all goes according to plan, fossil fuel-powered vehicles could be a thing of the past. Affordable and eco-friendly cars - hybrid and electric - are often shunned by most road-users because they need to be charged at designated points, speed capabilities are less than that of petrol and diesel cars, and they usually come with a hefty price tag. But, with politicians and manufacturers starting to recognise the urgency for renewable energy, the whole industry looks set to change. The Model 3 is currently priced at $35,000, which is still more expensive than rival car, the Nissan Leaf (costing $30,680), but former Tesla models have generally started at $80,000 upwards.

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So, how has the Model 3 been produced at over half the former price without comprosing quality? In short, the vehicle is made of mostly steel rather thn aluminum; acceleration is slower than other Tesla cars, from 0 - 100 kilometres in 5.6 seconds; and the 21-cell battery offers a range of 354 kilometres before it needs charging.

Lucky employees over at Musk empire in San Francisco Bay have been given the honour of owning the sleek, green machine before anyone else. On Friday, after they finished work at Tesla HQ, 30 company workers drove home in a car that is likely to revolutionise the motoring industry, like what Steve Jobs’s beloved iPhone did for smartphones. By the end of the year, Tesla are projected to produce 5000 Model 3 units per week, and if pace keeps up, the market price will stay at $35,000. There will be add-ons available too, just like adding toppings to your midweek froyo. For $9000 extra, customers can improve the battery life of their Model 3. For an added $5000, autopilot can be added, as well as personalised finishes. 11 years ago, Musk unveiled his intention to make a high-end electric car that could one day become an average family car. And he’s done just that - if you think $35,000 is affordable. There will be many who don’t. But this signifies the tip of an iceberg moment, with advances in technology evolving and growing with the years to come.  Musk is leading the crowd by embracing and celebrating our increasing reliance on machines. Watch this space.