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Artículo The backpack with turbine jets that lets you take to the air News


The backpack with turbine jets that lets you take to the air



Antonio J. Rodríguez

13 Diciembre 2016 23:00

Ever since human beings first looked up to the skies, we’ve fantasised about one day achieving the power of flight. Now, technology is finally close to making it possible for each of us to have our own personal and portable flying machine.

JetPack Aviation has successfully tested its JB-10 jetpack, capable of carrying its wearer through the air for up to ten minutes before bringing them back to earth safely. The JB-10 can reach heights of 2,000 metres and speeds of 65 mph.

Technology that was still the stuff of sci-fi films merely a decade ago is now possible, thanks to twin jet diesel-powered turbines. The company hopes that its jetpacks might one day be safe and simple enough for commuters to use in daily life. The jetpacks could also have humanitarian benefits, especially for search and rescue missions: a new version currently under development – the JB-11 – is designed to be used by lifeguards and military personnel.

"The JB-10 and JB-11 versions that we're working on now could very easily extract somebody from a dangerous situation, so search and rescue. We already have a contract with the US Navy and that's great. That's where JB-11 comes in, that's for moving somebody – it produces more power, it's more automated. And that enables one of their guys that's in trouble to get out very quickly," said David Mayman, CEO of JetPack Aviation.

So whether you want one for beating the traffic on your way to work, or for getting someone out of a tight situation, it seems like this time a personal flying machine will soon be at the top of all our Christmas lists.