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Artículo The calendar with fit French farmers that’s got us feeling (hay) feverish News


The calendar with fit French farmers that’s got us feeling (hay) feverish



Antonio J. Rodríguez

10 Enero 2017 15:18

Goodbye, firemen, policemen, and construction workers. And hello, farmers.

If you’re one of those people who refuses to eat fruit and veg, then this calendar by Fred Goudon might be just what you need.

The photographer has travelled around France documenting some of the hunkiest farmers working the countryside. Goudon assures us that all the models are genuine agriculteurs. And we’re certainly keen to believe him.

‘The French Farmers Calendar is tribute to a profession that we don’t show enough gratitude for,’ he said in the Daily Mail. And certainly, you may well feel a warm, grateful glow as you gaze on these brooding portraits of rugged young men posing au naturel in their habitat.



That’s right: farmers. A profession too long overlooked in the erotic imaginary. Why shouldn’t farmers have a similar erotic appeal to firemen or policemen?

In France, an interest in all things bucolic seems to be on the rise. A fetish for the countryside, and recurring fantasies of agriculture workers have taken over French publications lately.

Last year, Goudon set the holiday season ablaze with a sizzling calendar for Pompiers Sans Frontières (Firemen Without Borders). This time there’s no charitable cause behind the calendar. Sadly, profits won’t be donated to better psychiatric counselling for mad cows.




The principal raison d’etre of this calendar seems to be paying homage to France’s most fanciable farmhands, and acknowledging the work they do in bringing food to people’s plates.

Is it time for us all to leave the city and go rural? Perhaps. One thing’s for sure: this calendar’s already inspiring us to eat more fruit and veg. And we can’t help but think that with this calendar on our wall, 2017’s going to fly by.



We’re expecting the calendar to reap a number of benefits: rural tourism should skyrocket as sightseers flock to the countryside to enjoy the breath-taking views, and shoppers will surely take more interest than usual in the provenance of the meat and vegetables at their local supermarket.

By the way, you’ll only notice the changing of the seasons in the photos from the crops and vegetables in the background. The farmers themselves are dressed in the same way for every month of the year: skimpily.

Farmhands forever!