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The most shocking thing about this accident is not the collision itself, but what happens afterwards



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04 Agosto 2017 09:43

You'll need the fingers of both hands to count them all

Could it be any worse? You're enjoying a relaxing drive around town in your lovely new Audi when some idiot crashes into you from behind. Yes, it could be worse. Now imagine being denied your drama queen moment – your chance to cry and scream and curse as much as you like – because something else suddenly happens that steals the limelight.

That was exactly what occurred to this driver whose jaw must have hit the floor when he watched nine people – that's right: nine human beings –  jump out of the car that hit him and race off down the street.

As the security camera footage shows, the first two people to get out of the car and leg it after the collision were the driver and the front-seat passenger.

But the flow of people – and the whirlwind of arms and legs – didn't end there.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. A grand total of six grown men jump out of the back of the car and make off behind the first two.

But there's more. One of the men suddenly remembers something and comes back to the car to get an object from the front seat. Then, just before running off again, he opens the boot and voilà – in the finishing touch to a masterpiece of physical comedy – yet another man springs forth and joins the great escape. 

The incident happened at the end of July in an unknown city in the UK. Why these nine men felt the need to flee the scene of the crash has yet to be ascertained.