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Artículo The underwater cave that nobody leaves alive News


The underwater cave that nobody leaves alive



xavi mane

03 Enero 2017 16:15

It's known as Jacob's Well, it can be found in Texas, and it's already claimed the lives of various adventurers.

In the riverbed of Cypress Creek, Texas, lies one of the most dangerous underwater caves on the planet. This spring has claimed the lives of at least 8 people, who were intrigued by its crystalline waters and system of caves.

This complexity of tunnels and caves makes it an extremely dangerous natural area. All manner of curious person has been lured into the cave of death, including experienced divers, tourists, thrill seekers or scientists. For now, the cave has claimed the lives of seven men and one woman, who wanted to venture down and explore its depths.


The spring, known as Jacob's Well, measures four metres in diameter and is ten metres deep. According to the website Big Picture, the well is divided into four caves which reach a depth of over 40 metres.

The first cave is brightly lit and home to some species of fish and algae.  The second cave can be found 24 metres deep and has a treacherous entrance, in which one student became trapped and drowned. This, and the third cave, are composed of soft gravel. That's to say, its walls can crumble and collapse all too easily.

The last cave, known as the “virgin cave”, is the most dangerous of all of Jacob's Well.  The entrance is much more complicated and is barely wide enough for a diver to pass through with their oxygen cylinder.  To explore these depths is to risk your life.