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Artículo Theresa May turns her back on climate change ahead of Donald Trump G20 meeting News


Theresa May turns her back on climate change ahead of Donald Trump G20 meeting



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08 Julio 2017 08:12

So what if the planet ceases to exist?

Once again, Theresa May has found herself in the throngs of some harsh criticism after choosing to omit climate change from her top priorities at this weekend’s G20 summit.

Although many prominent scientists, politicians and economists are in agreement that climate change is one of the biggest global threats that we face, the UK government has decided to shun the issue. The prime minister has left it off her list of key objectives even though she will be in talks with US President Donald Trump, the man who claimed global warming is a ‘hoax’ fabricated by China before pulling out of the Paris Agreement. Other world leaders are gearing up to have tough words with Trump, who has demonstrated a severe lack of knowledge on the subject.

The summit, held in Hamburg, will give May the chance to sit down with the orange-tinted former reality TV star to talk through important problems facing the modern world. Rather than mention the, ermm, environment and planet, our sole reason for existence, she will focus on security and migration – shocker. May will focus on cutting off terrorist financing, global migration, modern slavery and ‘making the global economy work for everyone’, all critical issues as well, it must be said.


But as the Tory leader prepares for the global gathering, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that tackling climate change will take centre stage in talks. She hopes that all G20 nations will commit to keeping global temperatures to under 2C.

UK Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas MP expressed her dismay about May’s decision to shelve climate change at the summit. She told The Independent: ‘It's extremely disappointing that the Government isn't prioritising climate change at this summit.

‘Of course, no one would argue that climate change should be the only topic at the G20 – and the Government's other priorities are clearly extremely important. But for the greatest threat we face to be relegated from the top four priorities is a dereliction of duty from this Government.’

Another faux pas for Theresa May.