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Artículo These girls' reactions to their friend's new prosthetic leg is beautiful News


These girls' reactions to their friend's new prosthetic leg is beautiful



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08 Mayo 2017 15:29

'Is that your new pink leg?' asks her friend before giving her a big hug.

Seven-year-old Anu had her leg amputated soon after she was born. But now she's been given a new pink prosthetic blade. In this BBC video we can see her walking into a school playground in Birmingham and showing her blade to her friends. Their excited and loving reaction is beautifully moving. We should warn you: you may find yourself welling up.

'Is that your new pink leg?' one girl asks Anu. 'Wow!' exclaims another. The girls rush to embrace Anu and they all run around the playground together. 

Anu's new blade was custom made for her thanks to a £1.5m funding injection given to the NHS last year. The money was allocated for new research and to ensure that children have access to activity prosthetics. A portion of the funding – £500,000 – was ring-fenced to fund new sports prosthetics for 500 children.

The Government funding is due to run out in March next year, while prosthetics need replacing every two years.

One US company that creates prosthetic limbs has started taking special requests to transform young girls’ dolls and give them miniature prosthetic legs to match the ones worn by their young owners. A Bristol-based company, Open Bionics, partnered with Disney’s designers and technicians in 2015 to create robotic hands for children with different themes, from Iron Man to Frozen and Star Wars.

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