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Artículo They thought this sea snake was fun… until it hopped onboard News


They thought this sea snake was fun… until it hopped onboard



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13 Julio 2017 14:45

This video is one of the year’s best horror films. Only it’s 100% real

There’s something that 90% of all the horror films you’ve ever seen have in common: the characters make phenomenally moronic decisions.

There’s a murderer killing us off one-by-one? Let’s split up and hunt him down. Jack, you go down into the basement, where back in ‘78 that deformed student used to hide to get away from the bullying.

Lindsay, take off those comfy trainers and get yourself into a pair of high heels. If that bastard’s going to chase you through the forest you don’t want to die in sports shoes, do you? Come on darlin’, think smart!

Mike, you’re the sporty one, get yourself down to the dressing rooms and have a snoop, you know your way around down there. What’s the worst that could happen to you in a dark place like that? Oh, and don’t even think about calling the police until you’re down to about 3% battery, ok? We want this to get exciting.

Well, it seems that these kind of people really do exist. And, for reasons unknown, they even have legal permission to drive speedboats.

Just like in the horror films, these people are so stupid that viewers may find themselves wishing the snake would kill the lot of them. But alas, it looks like we’re gonna have to wait for the sequel for that.