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Artículo This anti-jihadist Ramadan ad has gone viral News


This anti-jihadist Ramadan ad has gone viral



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01 Junio 2017 14:09

It's already been played more than 3,000,000 times

In a shadowy basement, a lone man puts the finishing touches to his bomb belt. In the street outside, a group of children – oblivious to the man's bloody intentions – play football in the sunshine.

These two realities collide and contrast in a new anti-jihadist ad by Kuwaiti telecoms company Zain Telecom. The advert began airing during the first weekend of Ramadan, the most important religious festival for Muslims. 'Worship your God with love, not terror' is the main message of the three-minute video.

'You’ve filled the cemeteries with our children and emptied our school desks,' narrates a child while the militant, now wearing the bomb vest, boards a bus. We soon see that the passengers are all victims of previous terror attacks. A child actor playing Omran Daqneesh – the boy from Aleppo whose bloodied and dust-caked image was seen all over the world – appears, reminding the would-be bomber that Allah is 'the forgiving and forbearing who hurts not those who hurt Him.'

As well as actors, the video features real victims of terrorist attacks, such as a bride who survived the bombing of a wedding hall in Amman in Jordan. The advert, which also features music by Emirati pop star Hussein al-Jasmi was published to YouTube on May 26. It has already been viewed 3,800,000 times. Zain, the company behind the ad, was founded in Kuwait but has commercial presence in countries across the Middle East, including Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, South Sudan and Bahrain.