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Artículo European court has to actually rule that sex is important to older women News


European court has to actually rule that sex is important to older women



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26 Julio 2017 15:30

Who says older people don't have good sex? In fact, experience is on their side

Contrary to popular opinion, older people have sex. Sometimes, they have a lot of sex. Which is why judges in Portugal faced a national backlash when they ruled that the importance of sex diminishes when a woman gets older during a medical compensation case. They have now been found guilty of sexual discrimination by Europe’s human rights court. Maria Morais, a 50-year-old Portuguese woman with two children, claimed that medical negligence during a botched gynaecological surgery in 1995 prevented her from being able to enjoy normal sex. And, although she won her compensation case for mental and physical suffering, the hospital that performed the surgery won a 2013 appeal that slashed the payout by about a third. Controversially, the Lisbon judges justified the cut in compensation by arguing that sex was not important because of her age. Morais’s lawyer, Vitor Ribeiro, said the panel of judges, made up of two men and one woman, were all over 50 years old. The case struck an out-of-tune chord with many in Portugal and triggered protests nationwide. One female lawmaker even described the ruling as ‘Taliban jurisprudence’, particularly in Lisbon, which has a reputation for protecting progressive and liberal values. Once the case had made it’s way to the European Court of Human Rights, however justice prevailed. The France-based court argued that the judges were guilty of ‘prejudices’ and had violated the right to respect for private and family life. It ordered Portugal to pay Morais €3250 in damages and €2460 for costs and expenses. The (Lisbon) court’s decision ‘ignored the physical and psychological importance of sexuality for women's self-fulfillment and other dimensions of women's sexuality’, according to the European court. "The decision had moreover been based on the general assumption that sexuality was not as important for a 50-year-old woman and mother of two children as for someone of a younger age. In the (European) court's view, those considerations showed the prejudices prevailing in the judiciary in Portugal," it added. If anyone was in any doubt about older people getting down and dirty, sexually transmitted diseases among over 50-year-olds has dramatically increased internationally. In the UK alone, diagnoses of STIs among the elderly have increased by over a third, in large part due to more access to sex-enhancing drugs like viagra. Pornhub even released a safe sex video for older people to prevent the spread of STIs, entitled Old School: A Complete Guide to Safe Sex After 65. ‘Because love knows no age and neither do STDs.’