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Artículo This girl was thrown out of her community swimming pool for wearing… a one-piece bathing suit News


This girl was thrown out of her community swimming pool for wearing… a one-piece bathing suit



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30 Junio 2017 10:26

Apparently it was ‘too provocative’ and ‘was getting the children excited’

The summer is just beginning and already cases like this are two a penny. The story goes like this: woman decides to wear (you can add here any kind of clothing item you feel like) and tries to continue her day as usual (i.e., she goes to school, graduates, has her photo taken for the school yearbook, goes to work). Then, someone (usually a man) pulls her up on her attire for a series of reasons (it doesn’t cover enough, is too short, too long, etc).

The underlying pretext is, in reality, always the same: the clothes are ‘inappropriate’, ‘provocative’, ‘unacceptable’. It is claimed that they breach a so-called dress code: a somewhat confusing set of rules written out at the whims of higher beings who tell us what we can wear and what we cannot. More often than not, the victims of these rules are women. Although not always.

The latest victim of this crusade was a young 20-year-old woman from Tennessee in the US. In this case, she was thrown out of her community swimming pool in her apartment complex for using… wait for it... that's right: a bathing suit.

Screenshot from Facebook

Tyler Newman, Jenkins' boyfriend, wrote an incensed post on Facebook in which he described what had happened to his partner and how they both felt about it. Jenkin was stopped by the swimming pool attendant when he saw her in the bathing suit and immediately gave her the option of leaving or putting on some shorts to cover her legs.

According to the rules of the swimming pool, the bathing suit was too ‘provocative’.

The young Jenkins decided she would deal with this as coolly and calmly as possible and went to the apartment office. The situation was so surreal, it was hard to believe. At the office she met the female leasing consultant who was adamant that the bathing suit was not appropriate for a place where children were present.

The poor girl’s humiliation reached its peak when the woman proposed taking some photographs so Jenkins could see how her body looked in the bathing suit. ‘I know what I look like, I bought this myself,’ she replied.

The woman told her that she ‘wouldn’t want her children around Jenkins if she was wearing that bathing suit’. In other words, the real problem is that her ‘curvy’ body is not, according to the apartment management, ‘appropriate for that kind of bathing suit’. ‘We don’t need to excite the children,’ she was apparently told by the pool attendant.

As if the situation wasn’t already absurd enough, it reached its farcical climax when the leasing consultant told Jenkins that what she was wearing ‘was a thong’. In the photos it clearly isn’t a thong. Not that it would matter if it was.

To date, Newman’s post has been shared more than 30,000 times and messages of support have flooded in for the girl who, according to her boyfriend, ‘went through one of the most humiliating moments of her life and spent the rest of the day at home crying’.