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Artículo This is how passers-by reacted after seeing a man with two knives stuck in his ribs News


This is how passers-by reacted after seeing a man with two knives stuck in his ribs



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29 Agosto 2017 08:00

Nobody came to his aid

A man bled to death in broad daylight in a busy street in Khyala, Delhi. He had two knives lodged inside his ribs and was pleading to passers-by for help and water. 

The bloody scene attracted a crowd of onlookers who stood and watched the man as he lay bleeding. Some even filmed him with their phones, but apparently no one offered him water or aid of any kind. 

The victim – identified as 25-year-old Akbar Ali – was eventually taken to a nearby hospital where he died of his injuries. 'He kept fighting till his last breath. He pulled out one knife from his rib, but could not take the other one out. He begged for help and they (the crowd) chose to make videos of my brother,' Najare Imam, the victim’s brother, told the Indian Express.

Police investigating the stabbing have arrested two men – Mohd Shubhan and Mohd Afzal – in connection with the death. 'They have claimed that Ali was trying to extort them. When a scuffle broke out between them, after they refused to pay him, the two accused stabbed him with his own knives in a bid to fight back, they claimed,' a police officer said.

However, Akbar Ali's family believe that there is another motive for the murder. They claim that the deceased was killed because he had had an affair with the wife of one of the accused several years ago.