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Artículo This man has dressed as his dead sister for 20 years to help depressed mother News


This man has dressed as his dead sister for 20 years to help depressed mother



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18 Julio 2017 15:28

One man's gender transformation to help the woman he loves most

We’d do anything for the people we love. But this man probably outshines all of us. An unnamed man, from Guilin in the Guangxi Region of China, has gone the extra mile for his mentally ill mother. He has been dressing up as his late sister for 20 years - since her death - to help his mother cope with the bereavement. Pictures and videos of the heroic son began to sweep the country’s social media channels, where he can be seen wearing a traditional cheongsam dress as he attends to his elderly mother in bed. The man first started dressing as a woman when his mum began to show signs of mental illness shortly after her daughter passed away. ‘The first time I dressed as a woman she was so happy, so I kept doing it,’ he told Pear Video, whose film about the man has been watched more than 4.2 million times. ‘I've basically been living as a woman ever since. I don't own any men's clothing.’ Although some people might be scared about what others in the community think, this guy doesn’t give a damn because family comes first.

‘This is my family's business, if you don't like the way it looks then don't look,’ he continued. ‘I'm doing this for my mother. Why would I be afraid of people laughing at me?’

In the video, his mother can be heard saying: ‘She is my daughter. When my other daughter died she became my daughter. The post has been shared thousands of times on Chinese social network Sina Weibo, even prompting use of the hashtag #HePosedAsHisDeadSisterFor20Years.

Some users praised the man for his efforts:

‘To make his mother happy, he dressed as a woman for 20 years. It doesn't matter how you view this, you have to praise this man for his filial piety!’ one user commented. ‘This is a real man,’ another wrote.

But other people were more critical:

Someone said the ‘mother has been successful in controlling her son’ and another asked: ‘Is this filial piety or is he looking for an excuse to be a transvestite?’