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Artículo This man was allegedly punched by an airport worker while holding his baby News


This man was allegedly punched by an airport worker while holding his baby



Playground Redaccion

31 Julio 2017 16:19

Just when you thought being delayed at an airport couldn't get any worse...

We’ve all been there. Delayed flight. Lack of sleep. Babies screaming all around. Angry passengers hurling abuse at airline employees. But, what has probably never happened to you is being punched in the face by an airport worker like this unfortunate man was.

After waiting for a flight from Nice to London Luton for over 13 hours, an irate passenger was allegedly smashed in the face while holding his nine-month-old baby by a special assistance worker.

A picture was shared on Twitter which appeared to show the assistance worker lashing out at the passenger after arguments about flight times. According to fellow passenger, Alex Athienitis, the Samsic employee, who usually helps disabled people at the airport, had been taunting and mocking those waiting for their flights, before hitting the unidentified man. ‘The passengers of the delayed flight had been put onto a plane and then taken off so were not happy,’ he told ‘I then heard some people arguing with easyJet staff. They were angry they were not getting any info. ‘He (airport worker) was laughing and goading passengers and seemed amused people were upset. He then hit the man after being asked why he was acting like that.’

Witness Arabella Arkwright, who tweeted a picture of the alleged assault, told the Daily Mail that her husband restrained the airport worker. She told the publication: ‘My husband, who’s 64, had to pull the man off him and hold him against a glass door. Everyone was appalled.

‘The man had a great big mark on his eye, when he finally got on the plane everyone applauded him.’ easyJet have issued a statement denouncing the incident, but also stressed that the suspected aggressor does not work for the company. A spokesperson said: ‘easyJet is very concerned to see this picture and can confirm the person in the photo is not an easyJet member of staff and they do not work for easyJet’s ground handling agents in Nice. ‘We are urgently taking this up with Nice Airport and their special assistance provider Samsic who we understand the person photographed works for.’ PlayGround+ has reached out to Nice Airport for comment.