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Artículo This presenter's shocked expression as she missed her cue almost cost her her job News


This presenter's shocked expression as she missed her cue almost cost her her job



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13 Abril 2017 15:14

Reporters and journalists show their support for the presenter on social media with the hashtag #putyourbloopersout

Anyone can mess up on live TV.

Especially if your job consists of talking to the camera for prolonged periods while millions of people watch your every move.

The chances of you making a fool of yourself are, therefore, greater than for the average person.

Newscaster Natasha Exelby from Australia's ABC was busy doing something with her hands. Playing with a pen? Rubbing her lucky amulet?

Either way, Natasha was obviously lost in thought – reminding herself, perhaps, to pay a traffic fine or call her sister on the weekend – and she missed her cue. Naturally, social media went wild for Exelby's comical expression, finding her dramatic overreaction endearing.

Early reports had suggested that ABC was going to fire or ban the presenter, but ABC has now denied this.

'Live television is a demanding art and slip-ups will happen – our presenters are human, not robots,' Gaven Morris, ABC director of News, told The Guardian. 'We take on-air standards extremely seriously, but we don't expect perfection. No one would be punished for a blooper.'

We don't know whether this was ABC's attitude all along, or whether they have reconsidered their position in light of all the calls on social media for her reinstatement. Fellow presenters and journalists showed their support by posting their own bloopers on Twitter with the hashtag #putyourbloopersout.

These are magic moments. Moments when TV presenters – usually so calm and collected, so immaculately dressed and coiffured – show themselves to be human after all.

Anyway, we're very happy that Natasha gets to keep her job.