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Artículo This shop owner shot two thieves trying to rob his store News


This shop owner shot two thieves trying to rob his store



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05 Septiembre 2017 12:51

This shop owner was taking no prisoners...

Two young men, aged 18 and 19, stormed a supermarket in Caldas Novas, Brazil, and the store's security cameras caught their tragic end.

The incident happened on 22 August at a grocery store. The criminals, one of them with wearing a motorcycle helmet, entered the establishment and robbed goods from its shelves.

The shop owner pretended to obey the orders of the thugs at a time, but when both thieves were distracted, with one of them looking at the drinks refrigerator and the other looking at the ground, he shot at them.

One of the criminals shot back at the owner of the business, but he continued shooting out on the street where the young people were trying to flee. The owner turned himself in to the police, but was later freed without charge because they deemed that the man was acting in self-defense.