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Artículo This teen boy was arrested in Saudi Arabia for dancing to La Macarena in road News


This teen boy was arrested in Saudi Arabia for dancing to La Macarena in road



Playground Redaccion

23 Agosto 2017 10:19

Even dancing the macarena in Saudi Arabia is enough to get you in trouble with police

We all know it, even those who pretend not to. The cheesy claps. The coordinated dancing. ‘Heeeeeey macarena’ prompting your parents to pull you up on the dancefloor.

But now, the school disco classic, La Macarena, has landed a joyous dancer in jail in the repressive Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Authorities are not known for their tolerance and celebrations of fun in the Middle Eastern state, but this latest controversy is nothing short of ridiculous. A 14-year-old boy was crossing a busy road in Jedda as the traffic lights stopped a series of cars, before he stopped and decided to put on an amusing show for the onlooking vehicles. Listening to La Macarena through some headphones, the young teen proudly performed the infamous dance moves to the song, a viral online video shows. The comedic footage is reportedly from 2016 but has resurfaced online. Middle East Eye reported that Saudi police have confirmed that the ‘accused’ has been arrested after gathering evidence from ‘confidential investigations’. This is a real face-palm moment. Is this really the best way to use police resources when the kingdom is currently waging a war in Yemen and stoning people to death?

Actually, maybe it is better for police to focus on inane tasks like this instead of create more humanitarian conflicts elsewhere.