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Artículo This video is making people feel really weird News


This video is making people feel really weird



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23 Marzo 2017 17:55

I am extremely comfortable and extremely uncomfortable at the same time.

Animator Kirsten Lepore posted her new stop-motion video, Hi Stranger, to YouTube on Monday. And I've got to admit, it's one of the most sinister – and yet sweetest – things I've seen in a while. 

Hi Stranger somehow manages to be pleasurable and unsettling at the same time. A bit like sharing a bed with someone you're not supposed to sleep with, but then you feel their breath on your neck and although you know it's wrong, you can't help liking it...

Lepore shared the video on Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and pretty soon it ended up – as everything does eventually – on Reddit. The comments of admiration and bewilderment are a wonder to read.

Some felt a little conflicted.

Especially when it comes to that impressive derriere.

Some took the opportunity to drop hints to their partners.

This viewer got a bit carried away by the whole thing. 

However it makes you feel, we think you'll agree that Hi Stranger is a little grotesque... yet also fabulous. Grotesquely fabulous. Now we're all agreed, we just need to give the guy with the beautiful butt a name. Any bright ideas?