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Artículo This video reveals the unexpected luxury of Syrian jihadists News


This video reveals the unexpected luxury of Syrian jihadists



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14 Agosto 2017 14:38

The facilities were abandoned and included a surprising feature

While the West concentrates its efforts on tackling Islamic State, al-Nusra – Syria's al-Qaeda branch – continues to grow in strength in the border region between Syria and Lebanon.

The group has a number of military bases in the area. And, despite being in a war zone, some of these bases include surprising luxury features.

One such luxury is the swimming pool revealed by this video filmed by the Hezbollah-affiliated War Media Centre, and distributed by the Lebanese TV channel LBC. The pool is apparently called 'Abou Malek al-Talleh's Pool', in honour of the al-Nusra Front group in the region. 

The camp, located in the region of Wadi Hmeid, appears to be abandoned and the pool is shallow and has a greenish hue. The jihadists had probably left days before.